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Planet Microfinance Fund

Planet Microfinance Fund has been formed for the purpose of extending micro credit to people who are otherwise unable to access finance from the mainstream banking channels. Poverty is unnecessary.

Each of us – even the poorest citizens of our world – can reach our full potential if given access to the right information and resources. That’s why Planet Microfinance Fund is working to transform the lives of the poor, and to transform the development sector.

Because we believe that people everywhere have an inherent desire to improve their lives, we harness the strength and ingenuity of the poor by providing them with access to the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty – actionable information, appropriate financial services and unique business opportunities. We lay the groundwork for measureable results by creating and piloting our approaches in the field, working with international and local partners, as well as with the poor themselves, to create lasting solutions that can work worldwide, transforming the lives of millions.

We also help poverty-focused organizations reach more people by providing them with the tools and services they need to better understand their customers and them. Our world-class team is constantly working to identify opportunities and create sector-wide solutions that can transform the way the development sector works, accelerating the impact of our efforts – impact that, collectively, will one day eliminate world abject poverty. Our cutting-edge programs and resources have helped many of poor people – mostly women and children – improve their lives. Our work is made possible by supporters who share our passion and commitment to tackle the hardest problems and empower the poor. 


The objective of the company is to make available financial services at reasonable cost and in a transparent manner to potential customers and aim to achieve acceptable returns on investment so that we can continuously attract mainstream capital and human resources to better serve the chosen clientele.

Planet Microfinance Fund is a not for profit organization, quality and mission-driven Microfinance organization. The main objectives of the Company as enunciated in the Memorandum of Association of the Company consists of providing “microcredit” to Tanzania entrepreneurs, with priority to women who undertakes small and medium scale enterprises.

Planet Microfinance Fund motto” is provide to its customers (the poorest) superior micro finance plus services to foster opportunities for wealth and employment creation, while maximizing social and economic returns to its promoters.