Credit Screening

Applicants would be screened from a credit perspective. Some of the criteria to be checked would be longevity in the same place of residence (minimum 5 years to be there), nature of business and activity level to support the borrowing, income to expense ratio and ability to service loan, etc.

After this, the sales officer would visit each customer’s house and do a physical verification to satisfy the veracity of all the statements in the application form.

The papers would be submitted to the Branch Manager and credit approval would be done based on delegated powers. The Branch Manager would also visit randomly customers’ houses for cross checking on the due process.

Once approved, the papers would be sent to the back office at PMF base and the same would be data entered into the system and the proposal approved for payment. Once the same is done, the branch would invite the customers on a center wise basis to the branch and disbursement would take place at the branch.